Our Story

With the budget of college students, a little luck, and unsurpassed determination, Sharon Bui and Kate Steadman founded the custom-clothing company centered on philanthropy, Frill. Bui and Steadman have always had an eye for fashion and knew that their careers were destined to be full of fabric choices and trendsetting. However, starting a business to produce custom outfits for sorority recruitment was a faint notion that neither woman thought would actually be possible. 
Bui and Steadman reached out to the community for advice, and decided to dive head-first into launching their own business despite being full-time students. “No time like the present,” seems to have become a motto for these headstrong women as they have tackled every obstacle with energy and grace, while always considering the customer’s needs first. As students themselves, the pair has made it a point to hire within the student community, finding motivated talent and helping to jumpstart careers. Most importantly, Bui and Steadman have made it their mission to have a personal connection with each customer.
Bui stated, “I almost cried when our first chapter told us how much they enjoyed the dresses. It was so gratifying to make a difference in their chapter.” Sorority recruitment relies on creating a cohesive look to show off a chapter’s personality to potential new members. A sorority woman herself, Bui saw the struggle that chapters had to find cute, flattering outfits that fit a limited budget. Steadman wanted to besure to hold her business at a high standard, while finding a way to give back to the community.
Together, they created Frill!
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