Trunk Show Box

Trunk Show Box

  • $ 140.00

We know the rules are changing....we are here to help! 

1. Tell us your color scheme & vision: give us an outline of what you are thinking. Are you limited in your ability to place group orders but still want a cohesive look?! This collection is perfect for you! 

2. Order your Trunk Show Box: Order a box for you and your sisters and tell us where to ship it! We will prepare a box full of dresses and other items that fit your requests and it will arrive between 2-3 weeks from when your order is placed.

3. Shop with your sisters from the comfort of your sorority house! Try them on, keep what you want and pay individually! 

4. Send back what you don't want: All products are due back to Frill using the prepaid shipping label provided 10 days after arrival. Upon receipt, we will inspect the products you've returned for any damages and invoice for chapter for any products that were sold during the event. $40 of your initial payment will be returned so long as the items we receive back are in good condition. Any damaged products will lead to a loss of the $40 deposit. 

5. Get Paid Commission Based on Sales: Get 8% commission on sales of 5 products or less and 10% commission on sales of 6 products or more! 

Any questions?! Email our team at 

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