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Does your sorority still have plenty left over in your budget that you’re not sure what to do with? Here are a few great ideas!

              Recruitment and fund raising throughout the year are tough and demanding. Your sisters are most likely deserving of a reward for all their hard work. With leftover budget money you could treat everyone to a sisterhood event. Sisterhood events help everyone to get to know each other better and its one of the best ways to keep your sisters close. Think dinner, local events, or a movie. What girl doesn’t love the story of Cinderella and the new movie version is coming out soon. It would be fun way to treat everyone.

Gifting your sisters is an alternative option! Our website includes lots of affordable accessories including our Greek cutout necklaces, letter bar bracelets, charms, and Nava New York products that would be unique for your sorority. In addition to jewelry, there are sunglasses, hats, sweatshirts, bags, and more! This is a great way to contribute to sisterhood and maybe even invest in products that could be passed down or gifted to littles.


Don’t wait until the crazy busy time of rush to decide what your sorority is going to wear. Frill has a wide variety of matching outfits that you could order for all of your sisters for next year’s recruitment. Aside from the fashionable jewelry and accessories, the outfits and dresses come in many styles and colors that will complement any sorority. It just takes a few easy steps!

Pick a style or design one from scratch

Pick a fabric and color

Have a fitting and pre-order pieces

Your items are produced and delivered

We write a check to your philanthropy

There is no worry that your money is going to be wasted because by purchasing sorority clothing from Frill, you also benefit from donating even more to your philanthropy. So, when reviewing your budget, keep in mind these creative options to treat your sisters!

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