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The Make-A-Wish Foundation is fortunate in the fact that it is heard about worldwide. As a child, I remember seeing commercials for Make-A-Wish on television where groups of children were sent to Disney World, and I used to think how lucky they were. I had no idea of the severity of each child’s condition, nor the struggle their parents faced day-by-day. All I saw were their smiling faces meeting Mickey and swirling in giant teacups. Thinking back as an adult, I almost found my ignorance annoying. How could I not realize the struggle each child faced? That was when Frill’s Co-Owner, Kate Steadman, reminded me of something very important.

Kate was diagnosed with leukemia as a young child. Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation she was sent to Disney World with her family to enjoy a few days of uncomplicated bliss. She was able to survive her fight with leukemia and share her experiences with me. Here comes the lesson, ya’ll. The children who are granted wishes look at things in such an astonishingly positive light, that they do not feel the detriment of their illness. Kate’s memories of her “sick” time as a child may include a few hospital trips and endless needle pricks, but surpassing them all is that one awesome trip to Disney World. Positive experiences can outshine many dark ones for a child, making donating to Make-A-Wish that much more important to me.

It is exciting to know that chapters can be one step closer to granting a child’s wish just by choosing Frill to donate their recruitment outfit proceeds. Celebrating life is major part of the Make-A-Wish mission, and I look forward to watching Frill’s connection with this organization grow.

-Breanne Brosnan

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