What to Wear for Winter Sorority Recruitment

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Many universities have chosen deferred sorority recruitment because it allows freshmen to get acclimated to student life before deciding if Greek life is right for them, so "spring" recruitment which is in the dead of winter, can be a little tricky to dress for! For most schools there will be a dress code for each day of formal rush. Recruitment starts out very casual and gets increasingly dressy as the week goes on. So we have put together a few key fashion tips to keep in mind if you are going through recruitment in the winter.

1) Accessorize Well

This is the perfect opportunity to pull out that nice bracelet your mom got you for graduation or an awesome Frill necklace that would make you stand out in a field of hundreds of girls. Make sure not to over do it though, one or two key pieces will be just enough!

2) It's all about the shoes!

The main drawback for "spring" recruitment is the weather. Rain or snow, it is best to be prepared. For the first couple of rounds, we suggest riding boots or a cute pair of flats. As the week goes on, you’ll want to transition into closed-toe heels that will keep your feet from freezing.

3) Bring a jacket!

The houses will be nice and cozy inside but walking from house to house wont be as warm so make sure you're wearing appropriate outerwear. We personally love a cute, tailored coat and choosing one with a bright color can help you stand out. This is also a chance to accessorize with scarfs and hats.

4) Classy is best

For the formal round it is best to go the modest route and wear a dress that you would wear to church or a graduation. If you have that special little black dress, wear it and pair it with a bright necklace or colored heels.

5) Be yourself!

Above all, be yourself and have fun! Recruitment can be stressful but the entire point of recruitment is to find a group of women who you can call sisters for the rest of your life. So make sure not to get caught up in worrying about what you think you “should” look like and you'll do great!

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