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Last month, this bride came to us in a panic. She had trouble finding our skirts on the internet so she ended up going with an alternative.

We knew this wouldn't photograph well next to a wedding dress.

When we saw this, we knew it was time to save the day. She had missed the order date to order our ever-so-popular coral bow skirt so we found a happy replacement! We quickly thought on our feet and found the perfect coral bridesmaid dress for this last minute problem. We knew it was going to be a destination wedding and she needed the new dresses to ship quickly. We pulled from our boutique section and needless to say, we think the look came out beautiful! The bride was very pleased and she will have pretty coral bridesmaid dress pictures until the end of time! 

Look how classy this dress can be in pearls!

This is what I imagined when I was trying to save the day. Who doesn't love an open back picture?!

This coral bridesmaid dress is stunning for a destination wedding.

Our advice: Don't settle for the alternative. We are here to make your big day memorable! 

You can buy this dress here:



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