Recruitment: What to Wear!

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It's that time of the year! When anxious girls all over the country are eagerly putting together outfits or buying new clothes in order to prepare for one the the best (and sometimes stressful) weeks of their college lives. You know what I'm talking about, its recruitment season! We at Frill thought we would put together a style guide to help anyone about to go through sorority recruitment. From the shoes to the hair we cover it all and we can't wait to see this years recruitment trends!

The first thing to know is that clothing requirements vary from school to school, so always check with the fashion guidelines provided by your Panhellenic council before taking all of our ideas to heart!

The ultimate goal is to make a memorable impression on your potential sisters. Whether you’re wearing a dress, separates, or a required rush tee, it’s always important to look clean, fresh, and super cute. The order of the rounds may vary at each college, but in general, these are examples of appropriate apparel to wear for a fall formal recruitment!


Round 1: This is the most casual of the rounds! This is the round that you want to wear a cute pair of chino shorts and a nice top or your favorite casual sundress. If your Panhellenic Recruitment team has made shirts for you to wear, then your half way there! Pair the shirt with a cute pair of sandals, shorts, and accessories. If you are not given a shirt, you have plenty of options for this round. I have made four possible outfit ideas above and as you can tell, the options are pretty vast. Make sure that whatever you decide to wear you feel comfortable and you stay true to yourself! The round goes by pretty fast and be prepared to answer the questions, "what's your major?" and, "Where is your hometown?" SEVERAL times. (Hair: Perky pony tail, braided pony tail, half up)


Round 2: This is often the Philanthropy round.This can still be semi casual. I always refer to this round as a "nice dinner outfit". A fun skirt with a blouse would be a great way to show off your style or a cute sundress. For shoes, wear flats or sandals. Philanthropy round digs deeper into what it means to serve as a member of a certain sorority and will more than likely include a craft or activity to complete so be sure you can move around in your outfit! (Hair: down or pinned back)


Round 3: Skit round! This is by far my favorite round. It's a great chance to get to know the girls on a more personal level! For skit round, think a cute dress and a pair of wedges. You can accessorize with a fun statement necklace but think a bit more casual. Save your nicer dress for Pref! Your almost there! (Hair: down, curled or straight)


Round 4: Pref day! You're almost done! This round is the fanciest of them all. This is when you want to dress like your going to a wedding or fancy event. Keep your dresses classy and elegant but don't be afraid to wear a bright color! Dress up your dress with some of your favorite jewels but don't overdo it! (Hair: down, curled or straight)

We hope this guide gives you a better idea of what to wear during recruitment! Relax, have fun, and be yourself! Let your personality shine through while looking your best and you're sure to have a memorable week! Be sure to check out our online store for the perfect recruitment outfit!

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