Our Favorite Summer Wedding Trends

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We're almost through with summer and in the midst of the summer wedding season so we thought we would share Frill's favorite summer wedding trends! From color palettes to special drinks, we cover it all!

Trend 1: Mismatched Maids

Here at Frill we love to make each bride and bridesmaid feel special. We offer several different designs for the special day, and lately we have been noticing the mismatched trend! Many bridal parties are now opting for the choice of several different designs for the bridesmaids to choose from. Check out our website to see all of our designs!

Trend 2: Mint and Peach

This color combo just screams summer wedding! Mint has been a popular color choice for quite some time but combining it with peach makes for a whole new fresh trend that we just can't get enough of! Add in gold and shimmer or let these colors stand alone, either way this color pallet is definitely a part of our favorites list!

Trend 3: Dance Parties Under the Stars

The best part of a warm weather wedding? The ability to dance the night away under the stars! We love when weddings have their reception outside with the bright stars sparkling above! Free ambiance is always a plus!

Trend 4: Signature Cocktails/Mason Jars

Providing your guests with a signature drink before the ceremony or during the reception is a perfect way to beat the heat and add in a personalized touch to your big day! We also have been noticing that mason jars have been the go to drink holder!

Trend 5: Sparkling Send-Offs

Create your own mini firework display as you head off to your happily ever after! This is a trend that makes for awesome photos and is something fun for your family and friends to participate in!

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